Paroles et accords de chansons

Paroles et accords de chansons

Whoah_Midnight Oil (paroles-accords)


Midnight Oil


Bm                             C    

      The lord is my temple

     God is by my side

Bm                                    C    
      You pay rates on that temple

      Build materials at the side

D               Em  
   He gives reasons
C                                 Am

   To get through the day

D                                     Em
   He doesn't have rinse action

C               Bm
    He just says

F#m           A    E
-   oh

   Don't wanna see you back here again

Girls are not smiling
The stars have gone out
The man with the landslide
Got his head in the ground
Like an unopened letter
Left under the door
He says I am the answer you're looking for

Whoah - oh
Don't wanna see you back here again

Above we dream in the Androporosphere
Who maintains the drunken machinery
Before we dream of a time
When those men come from West Point




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