Paroles et accords de chansons

Paroles et accords de chansons


(Against all odds)-Against all odds_Film (piano) version1

(Aladdin)-Arabian Nights_Dessins animés (piano)

(Aladdin)-Awhole new world_Dessins Animés (piano)

(Aladdin)-Prince Ali_Dessins-animés (piano)

(Alice-au-pays-des-merveilles)-The-caterpillar-song _Walt-Disney (paroles-accords).pdf

(Autant en emporte le vent)-Tara's Theme_Film (piano)

(Babel)_Film (piano)

(Batman returns-1992)-Face to face_Film (piano)

(Bodyguard)-I will always love you_Film (piano)

(Breakfast at Tiffany's)-Moon river_Film (piano)

(Breakfast at Tiffany's)-Moon River_Film (piano) v2

(city of angeles)-Uninvited_Film (piano)

(Dancer in the dark)-I've seen it all_Film (piano)

(Diamonds are forever)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Dirty dancing)-The time of my life_Film (piano)

(Dr No)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Fame)-Fame_Film (piano)

(First blood)-It s a long road_Film (piano)

(Flashdance)-What a feeling_Film (piano)

(Free Willy)-Will you be there_Film (piano)

(Goldfinger)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Good morning Vietnam)-What a wonderful world_Film (piano)

(Grease)-Alone at the drive in movie_Film (piano)

(Grease)-Mooning_Films (piano)

(Gremlins-1984)-Gizmo_Film (piano)

(Highlander)-Who wants to live forever_Série/Film (piano)

(Il était une fois dans l'Ouest)-L'homme à l' harmonica_Film (piano)

(It's a small world)_Walt Disney Pictures (piano)

(L' affaire Thomas Crown)-Les moulins de mon coeur_Film (piano)

(L'apprentie-sorciere)-The-age-of-not-believing _Walt-Disney (parole-accords).pdf

(La Reine Des Neiges)-Let It Go_Film (piano)

(La Roi Soleil)-Ca marche_Spectacle (piano)

(Le marginal)-Theme_Film (piano)

(Le Parrain)-Kay's theme_Film (piano)

(Le soldat rose)-A demi mot_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Chien et chat_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Couzin puzzle_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Gardien de nuit_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-La pantère noire en peluche_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-La valse des étiquettes_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Le monde des grands est trop petit_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Le soldat rose_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Love love love_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Lunettes bleues lunettes roses_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Made in Asia_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Pour faire de la colle à coeur brisé_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Le soldat rose)-Tout l'monde se presse_Spectacle (paroles-accords)

(Les Misérables)-A heart full of love_Spectacle (piano)

(Les misérables)-Epilogue Finale_Film (piano-conducteur)

(Les-Miserables)-At-the-end-of-the-day _Film (paroles-accords).pdf

(Les-Miserables)-I-dreamed-a-dream_Film (paroles-accords).pdf

(Les-Thunderman)_Série (paroles-accords).pdf

(Live and let die)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Love affair)_Film (piano)

(Lovers and other strangers)-For all we know_Film (piano)

(Mary Poppins)-Chim Chim Cheree_Walt Disney Pictures (piano)

(Mary Poppins)-Supercalifragilisticespialidocious_Walt Disney Pictures (piano)

(Meet me in St Louis)-Have yourself a little merry christmas_Film (piano)

(Miss Potter)_Film (piano)

(Moonraker)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Mr and Mrs Smith)_Assassin's Tango_Film (piano)

(Mr and Mrs Smith)_Assassin's tango_Film (piano)

(Mulan)-Reflection_Walt Disney Pictures (piano)

(Notes on a scandal)_Film (piano)

(Peter Pan)-The Second star to the right_Film (piano)

(Phantom of the Opera)_Film (piano)

(Pocachontas)-The Colors of Wind_Film (piano)

(Pocahontas)-Colors of the wind_Film (piano)

(Retour vers le futur)-Johnny B.Goode_Film (piano)

(Romeo and Juliet)-A time for us_Film (piano)

(Rush)-Tears in heaven_Film (piano)

(Saturday Night Fever)-Night fever_Film (piano)

(Skyfall)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(Speed)_Film (piano)

(Star Trek Enterprise)-Theme_Série (piano)

(Starmania)-S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse_Spectacle (piano)

(Stormy weather)_Film (piano)

(Tarzan)-Two worlds_Dessin-Animé (piano)

(Tarzan)-You'll be in my heart_Walt Disney Pictures (piano)

(The blues brothers)-Everybody needs somebody to love_Film (piano)

(The blues Brothers)-Everybody needs somebody to love_Film (piano)

(The Karate Kid II)-Glory of love _Film (piano)

(The last king of Scotland)_Film (piano)

(The man with the golden gun)-James Bond_Film (piano)

(The sound of music)-The sound of music_Film (piano)

(Top Gun)-Anthem_Film

(Top Gun)-Take my breath away_Film (piano)

(True lies)_Film (piano)

(Urban Cowboy)-Could I have this dance_Film (piano)

Film (Driving miss Daisy-1985)_Driving miss Daisy (piano)

Film (The bridges of Madison county-1985)_Doe eyes (piano)

Film (US Marshals-1998)_Free to go (piano)

Film (Visionquest-1985)_Crazy for you (piano)